Urban Bats from the City of Monteria, Cordoba - Colombia

Journal Title: Revista MVZ Cordoba - Year 2012, Vol 17, Issue 3


Objective. To identify the abundance of bat species in urban areas of the city of Monteria. Materials and methods. During the period from January to June 2007, collections of bats were made using five (12x2 m) mist nets. Thirteen surveys were conducted at several sites in the city, opening up the networks from 18:00 to 24:00 hours, with an effort of 524 hours-net/night. Results. A total of 604 catches, with 24 species of bats identified. The highest relative abundance of species occurred in Artibeus planirostris (54%), Artibeus lituratus (11.2%), Sturnira lilium (7.4%) and Glossophaga soricina (4.2%). Conclusions. The assembly of bats in urban area was represented by insectivores, frugivores, nectarivores, omnivores and piscivores. The family Phyllostomidae had the highest species diversity.

Authors and Affiliations

Jesús Ballesteros C, Ph. D *| Universidad de Córdoba, Facultad de Ciencias Básicas, Departamento de Biología. Grupo Investigación Biodiversidad Unicórdoba. Montería, Colombia.Correspondencia: [email protected], Javier Racero-Casarrubia, M. Sc| Parque Natural Nacional Paramillo. Grupo de Investigación Biodiversidad Unicórdoba.


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