Value Erosion and the Need for Spiritual Basis of Education


Education is considered as the foundation upon which the entire edifice of the moral culture of an individual is to be constructed. Education should aim at producing this complete man or whole man with a harmonious all round development of personality i. e. physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual. Education in ancient India aimed at producing this whole man. At a later period, the Buddhist and Jain philosophy of education also insisted on morality, non-violence, self-control, austerity, sacrifice and service to the humanity. In spite of merciless and extensive destruction during the medieval age, Hindu educational institutions remained a living reality. At a much later period there developed the 'Namaghar' in Assam and 'Bhagvat Tungi' in Odisha which became the centers of mass education in their respective states. However, the system of education introduced by Macaulay in 1835 aimed at producing a volume of loyal white collar Indian employees for British administration. This led to the complete devastation of Indian values in the education system of India. This paper discusses about the degradation of values in the education system of India and suggests measures to work for the implementation of value education in the schools of India.

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Dr. Sasmita Kar,


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