Welcome message for the Special issue on: IoT-as-a- Service from the Editors-in-Chief

Journal Title: EAI Endorsed Transactions on Cloud Systems - Year 2015, Vol 1, Issue 1


On behalf of the Editorial board, we welcome you to the inaugural issue of the ICST Transactions on IoT-asa-Service! We are delighted to launch this new transactions journal after a preparatory process that has received encouraging support from the Editorial Board and from ICST / EAI. The Internet of Things (IoT) era is widely seen as looming just around the corner, expected to have a significant impact on most aspects of entities of all kinds, from citizens through enterprises small and large to government bodies. The amount of smart devices is huge and grows in a staggering rate, while connectivity gets a wider coverage. Smart objects get immersed in everyday life and the amount and variety of contextual data they can produce, or the actions they can take on their immediate environment, is enormous. At the same time smart objects are becoming more capable and sophisticated by having stronger processing power, larger amounts of storage, and longer battery life. For this trend to have a big impact, be successful, and be widely adopted and useful it needs to be tightly integrated with the most advanced operational technology trend manifested by a cloud backed “Everything as a Service”. IoT poses various specific challenges, which are not yet covered by existing cloud offerings, chief among these are the heterogeneity, security and scalability issues. In addition, developing and deploying IoT based applications should be made as accessible as possible such that the entry barrier for new innovations in this area is lowered.

Authors and Affiliations

Benny Mandler, David Carrera


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