Studia Gilsoniana

Print ISSN: 2300-0066

Electronic ISSN: 2577-0314

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  • Publisher: International Etienne Gilson Society
  • Country: united states
  • Date added to EuroPub 2019/Sep/27

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LCC Subject Category: Humanities, Philosophy, Religion

Publisher's keywords: Thomism, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of God, Christian Philosophy, Christian Culture

  • Language of fulltext: english, spanish, catalan, polish
  • Time from submission to publication: 25 Weeks

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  • Article Processing Charges (APCs): No
  • Submission charges: No
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  • Type of License: CC BY-NC-ND
  • Open Access Statement: Yes
  • Year open access content began: 2012
  • Does the author retain unrestricted copyright? True
  • Does the author retain publishing rights? True

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Impact Factor

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Journal title: Studia Gilsoniana

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Subject(s): Humanities, Philosophy, Religion

E-BOOK: Studia Gilsoniana 6:1

Journal title: Studia Gilsoniana

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Subject(s): Humanities, Philosophy, Religion