Resveratrol attenuates inflammation through tristetraprolin expression in human hepatocytes

Resveratrol attenuates inflammation through tristetraprolin expression in human hepatocytes


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  • LCC Subject Category: Biological Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
  • Publisher's keywords: Resveratrol, TTP, inflammation, hepatocytes
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Akhi Moni, Asif Iqbal, Md Jamal Uddin



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Resveratrol (Resv), a polyphenolic compound have the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Tristetraprolin (TTP) destabilizes mRNAs of pro-inflammatory cytokines. However, it was not clear how Resv exerts anti-inflammatory effects on hepatocytes. In this study, we used human hepatoma cell line (HepG2 cells) and analyzed samples using qRT-PCR. Resv increases TTP expression in hepatocytes. Resv attenuates LPS-induced inflammation through TTP expression in hepatocytes. In TTP deficient hepatocytes, LPS failed to attenuate TNFα, iNOS, and IL-6 mRNA expression whereas TTP level was still decreased. Our results suggest that Resv may attenuate inflammation in hepatocytes through TTP induction at least in part. This novel Resv-TTP signaling pathway provides new possibilities for the treatment of inflammatory diseases in liver.

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