Nieznana relacja o śmierci Maryny Mniszchówny

Nieznana relacja o śmierci Maryny Mniszchówny


  • Journal title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny
  • ISSN: 1731-982X (print)
  • Publisher: Towarzystwo Nauki i Kultury "Libra"
  • Country of publisher: poland
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2019/Sep/27

Subject and more

  • LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences, Sociology, Humanities
  • Publisher's keywords: Moskwa, Smuta, Maryna Mniszchówna, Łżedymitr
  • Language of fulltext: polish, english, russian, ukrainian
  • Full-text formats available: PDF
  • Time From Submission to Publication:


    Artur Goszczyński


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The unknown story of Marina Mniszech’s death. This article is a publication of a source which was not known until this point which describes the death of a Tsaritsa of Russia, the wife of False Dimitri. The author presents the most important biographical facts of her life, especially those during the Time of Troubles. The author also mentions the other versions of her death. The before-mentioned source is very interesting not only from the literary perspective but also because it offers an alternative scenario. This document is the account featured in the cartulary of documents from 16th and 17th century from the archives of the Library of Dzików, Poland.

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