Oral Cancer Awareness among Auxiliary Personnel of Dental College in Bhopal City, India

Oral Cancer Awareness among Auxiliary Personnel of Dental College in Bhopal City, India


  • Journal title: Dental Research and Management
  • ISSN: 2572-6978 (print)
  • Publisher: Edelweiss Publications Inc
  • Country of publisher: united states
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2019/Sep/29

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  • Publisher's keywords: Oral cancer. Dental auxiliaries. Risk factors. Oral cavity. Dental colleges. Knowledge
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    Binu Santha



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Background: Oral cancer prevalence is high globally. Dental auxiliary staff who work aside the dentist is the first to come in contact with service seeker. Hence awareness regarding oral cancer in consequences is an essential modality in these personnel’s. Methodology: This study was conducted to evaluate the awareness among dental auxiliary staff about oral cancer of two dental colleges of Bhopal city. Sampling frame included the dental auxiliary staff from the two dental colleges. A structured questionnaire was used for collection of data. The collected data were coded, and a statistical analysis was carried out by using Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS 20). Result: In this study, it was observed 52% females were aware of examining patients mouth during admission. 50% Females advice to examined tissues of cheek, tongue and palate while assessing oral cancer. 52.1% females opinion of risk factor for oral cancer would be tobacco chewing, tobacco smoking, having alcohol and spicy food. Conclusion: The study conducted among dental auxiliary staff to assess the awareness regarding oral cancer which will help in early diagnosis of disease and prevent any further complication.

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