A Comparative Study of the Opinions of Allama Jurjani and Allama Taftazani about the Existence of Allah

Journal Title: Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 1


In short every intellegent person understands it and every one who is able to see, recognizes the fact that the whole universe is a finite entity by nature and without a creator it is impossible to come into existence. Is there is anyone who created it? This somebody or creater is Almighty Allah (SWT), the one who has no partner, the one who has no equal niether in his person nor in his attributes. He is unique as far as excellence is concerned. He is self sufficient and not susceptible to anyone and every thing that exists and every prectice in the universe depends upon him for its exitence. The well known scholar Allama Maskueh has adpoted an excellent method for proving the existence of Almighty Allah through rationality and other renowned scholar Allama Taftazani proved it in two ways. One method he employed is that of the cllasical scholars and other of the Muslim theologions, while Allama Jurjani has explained the existence of Almighty Allah in detail using the point of views of different schools of thoughts. In this article an analytical review of the opinions of Allama Jurjani and Allama Taftazani has been conducted in proving the existence of Almighty Allah.

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Dr. Nooh Ahmad Nasiri


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