A Conceptual Study on Leadership Issues in Moving Targets: A leadership Perspective

Journal Title: International Journal of Research in Social Sciences - Year 2017, Vol 7, Issue 4


Leaders at times overlook or underestimate the changes around or misunderstand the changes happening around them, the confusion many times looms large for the time spent and the way it is spent today compared to a year ago? then why the leaders are unable to hit at the target. Leaders in reality are surprised due to the surprising changes in achieved targets, compared to the results achieve the last year despite having the same time and resources, or with a reasonable change. They keep asking as why it’s getting difficult to hit at the target?. The next examining question on leader is, are the markets are getting dynamic rapidly in its strucure, culture or the expectations in services, or is that the leader has lost focus on what makes business profitable? The real reason is that, the targets keep moving, relentlessly.

Authors and Affiliations

Prof Dr. C. Karthikeyan


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