A Rare Case of Multiple Epidermal Cyst Scrotum and Its Excision Under Spermatic Cord Block Obviating Spinal Or General Anaesthesia Need

Journal Title: Journal of Medical Research and Surgery - Year 2021, Vol 2, Issue 5


Epidermal cysts are the most common epithelial cysts usually with non malignant potential. These occur commonly in hair- bearing areas mostly on the scalp, also on the face, neck, back, and scrotum. Etiology is usually unknown. It can be seen commonly in individuals with history of significant Acne vulgaris. Multiple sebaceous cysts over the scrotum is a rare condition. Only eight cases of multiple epidermal cysts in scrotum have been reported so far from India in the past literature. This condition is usually asymptomatic and painless. It may turn painful if gets infected and often may be associated with discharge of pus. We present a rare case of multiple epidermal cysts of scrotum in a 36 year old patient which was managed with complete excision of the cysts done under local anesthesia followed by primary closure with better outcome in cosmesis taking care of not to jeopardize the vascular supply to local flaps and testis.

Authors and Affiliations

Shruti Patel, Naveen Kumar*


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