Pedicled Anterolateral Thigh Flap As A Workhourse Flap for Reconstruction of Inguino-Scrotal Defects

Journal Title: Journal of Medical Research and Surgery - Year 2021, Vol 2, Issue 5


Background: Reconstructions around inguinoscrotal region has been a challenging task owing to complex anatomy. There are variety of flap options available for reconstruction of Inguinoscrotal region. Our study was done to evaluate the use of pedicled anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction of defects around inguinoscrotal regions. Methodology: In this study a total of 18 patients with various types of defects around inguinoscrotal region were evaluated. The etiology of defects included trauma (𝑛=6), infection (𝑛=8), malignancy (𝑛=2) and burn (𝑛=2). Patients were evaluated in terms of viability of the flap, number of perforators included, pedicled length and flap dimensions and donor site morbidity. Results: All flaps were survived well except 1 flap develop venous congestion in immediate post operative period due to tension over vascular pedicle which was managed by increasing pedicle length. 2 patients had developed partial loss of the skin graft at the donor site which got healed secondarily in due course. All patients were followed up for an average period of 6 months, ranging from 1 to 12 months. Donor site morbidity was minimal. Conclusion: Pedicled ALT flap is a versatile, reliable flap, with wide arc of rotation which makes it as an ideal flap for the coverage of defects around inguinoscrotal region.

Authors and Affiliations

Mukesh Sharma, Naveen Kumar*, V Suman Babu


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