A rich plasma vs. the aiging process

Journal Title: Medical Science Pulse - Year 2012, Vol 6, Issue 1


The human body has enormous regenerative abilities. Therefore, for the last several years, there has been an intensive research going on in the field of esthetic medicine on the use of our cell transplantations in order to rejuvenate the skin. The material is always the safest and the components forming the properties of the skin, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, form very complicated and mutualy connected structures. PRP is a procedure which belong to a group of biostimulating treatments. biostimulation in injecting the blood is mainly based on the use of growth factors released from thrombocytes and affecting the skin regeneration process directly. By the use of rich plasma and the growth factors from our own blood, we can avoid complications arising during the process of using other syntetic and volumetric fillers and enjoy longer youth.

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Monika Kurek


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