A study of prevalence of neonatal cardiac murmur and it's echocardiographic correlation

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 5, Issue 3


Background: The neonatal examination takes place at a time of rapid change within the cardiovascular system as part of adaptation to extra uterine life. These changes may produce murmurs which can be mistaken for heart disease. Aims and Objectives: to Study of Prevalence of Neonatal cardiac murmur and it's echocardiographic correlation. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study in the patients who were screened for cardiac murmur on auscultation at tertiary health care in the neonates were included into the study, so during the two years period i.e. January 2016 to January 2018 - out of the 2000 neonates screened, 73 neonates with murmur were included into the study. All details of the information like weight, sex, term or pre-term etc. information retrieved. The statistical analysis done by Sensitivity and Specificity by Med Cal software. Result: In our study we have seen that that the average age of the neonate in our study was (days, mean±sd)-15.2±8.12, majority of the patients were Female i.e. 57.53% and male were 42.46%,and majority of the patients were Term i.e. 71.22% and preterm were 28.78%.Out of the 2000 neonates screened 73 were with murmur and true patients with heart disease were 34 so prevalence heart disease was 0.02 % and murmur was 0.04%. Sensitivity was 94.12%, Specificity was 76.92%, Positive Likelihood Ratio was 4.08, Negative Likelihood Ratio was -0.08, Positive Predictive Value was 78.05%, Negative Predictive Value was 93.75 %, Accuracy was 74.64%. The most common structural abnormality was VSD in 29.41%, Complex CHD was in 20.59%.Left heart obstruction in 14.71%, Pulmonary stenosis in 11.76%, ASD in 8.82%, Tetralogy of Fallotwas5.88 %, ASD/VSD -2.94%, PDA in 2.94%, TAPVC in 2.94%. Conclusion: It can be concluded from our study that the prevalence of cardiac murmur and heart disease was very less i.e. 0.04% and). 02% respectively, and the efficacy of clinical methods for detecting the type of murmur was good i.e. Significant versus Innocent and on 2 D echo the most types of cardiac defects were VSD, Complex CHD, Left heart obstruction etc.

Authors and Affiliations

Sandeep Bhausahe Jagdale, Nikhil Dhananjay Kadam, Devendra Khairnar, Suhas Khaire


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