A Thematic Study of Repetition in Taha Hussein’s The Call of the Curlew


This analytical study examines Taha Hussein’s The Call of the Curlew uses of repetitions as a stylistic feature which represents specific functions intended by the original author according to Nida's dynamic equivalence and compared to their equivalents in TT. The loss of meaning that comes out from deletion; the intended function by the original author; and the loss of theme and rheme that happens while deleting the repetition are the core of this study. The study includes content analysis of ten random selected examples from the novel and was based on Munday (2008 & 2010); Dickins et al (2002); Venuti (2013); Johnstone (1991); Hermans (2009); Chesterman (1997) and Bassnett (1980). The Study concludes that the translator tries to delete such a repetition to follow naturalness. Naturalness is not the appropriate strategy of translating repetition where it used as a stylistic feature by the original author. Loss of meaning and loss of theme-rheme order occur too.

Authors and Affiliations

Ibrahem Bani Abdo Bani Abdo, Safa Abu Mousa


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