A tourist survey on the Romanian seaside

Journal Title: ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies - Year 2009, Vol 2, Issue 2


The Romanian seaside, a magnet for Scandinavian tourists in the past, encounters nowadays difficulties in finding its own place in the regional context of the Black Sea. Despite stagnation in modernising tourism structures, during the months of July and August the coast is full of tourists. The main focus of this survey is to identify the raisons of the tourist choices and the main issues in Romanian coastal tourism.

Authors and Affiliations

Corneliu IATU| Professeur au Département de Géographie de l’Université “Al.I.Cuza” de Iasi (Roumanie) – [email protected], Mihai BULAI| Doctorant au Département de Géographie de l’Université “Al.I.Cuza” de Iasi (Roumanie) - [email protected]


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