A Trusted Mobile Payment Scheme Based on Body Area Networks


With the development of intelligent mobile phones and the improvement of wireless communication infrastructure, mobile payment is gradually accepted by the public. However, since intelligent mobile phones are not trusted devices, mobile payment faces serious security problems. To address the problems, this paper designs a trusted mobile payment scheme based on body area networks. The scheme builds a bridge between a body area network deployed on the human body and an intelligent mobile phone by the fuzzy vault technology and the human interference, and imports the security from a body area network to the mobile payment to establish a trusted mobile payment system. Because the scheme uses PPG signals with high-entropies to produce authentication data, its security is superior to traditional mobile payment schemes; at the same time the scheme uses trusted body area networks to design mobile payment systems and does not use external trusted devices, which is convenient to the users.

Authors and Affiliations

Huawei Zhao, Jiankun Hu


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