AKAP study of breastfeeding practices among women at rural field practice area of community health care centre

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2019, Vol 10, Issue 3


Background: As a global goal for optimal child health and nutrition, all women should be enabled to practice exclusive breastfeeding (EBF), and all infants should be fed exclusively on breast milk from birth to 6 months of age Aims and Objectives: To assess KAP of breastfeeding practices among women at rural field practice area of community health Centre. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study carried out in the rural field practice area of department of Health and Family welfare at Community health centre, Akhnoor during the one year period i.e. June 2017 to June 2018 in the breast feeding women attending immunization OPD, the randomly selected women who gave consent for the participation into study were enrolled to study, so during the one year period 370 women were interviewed. The data was entered to excel sheet and analyzed Chi-square test calculated by SPSS 19 version software. Result:In our study we have seen that The knowledgeof Mothers was significantly lower regarding the Exclusive breastfeeding which was 44.07 % and 55.93% (X2=35. 89,df=1, p<0.001); Colostrum feeding should be Given was 27.64% and 72. 36% ( X2=198, df=1, p<0.0001); Prelacteal feed should be Given in 94.35% and 5.65% (X2= 10.12 , df=1, p<0.05 ) ; Early Initiation of breastfeeding(within 1hr of birth)in 45.34%and 54.66%(X2= 54.78 , df=1,p<0.0001), in Undernourished children as compared to Normal children.Regarding Feeding practices Mothers significantly differed with respect to Hygienein 47.00%as compared to 53.00%(12.89,df=1, p<0.05); Age of initiation of weaningwas 4- 6 Months was45.00%and 55.00%(11.29 ,df=1,p<0.01);Colostrum feedingpresent in38.00%and 62.00%(24.57,df=1,p<0.001);Feeding during illness was present in 45.00% and 55.00% (7.89,df=1,p<0.05) ofUndernourished children as compared to normal children.Conclusion: It can be concluded from our study that the Knowledge, Attitude and practices of breast feeding significantly differed among mothers of undernourished children as compared to normal children so strengthening and reinforcement of Awareness regarding the Breastfeeding should be done at all Immunization clinic.

Authors and Affiliations

Niraj Kumar, Shallini Gupta


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