Antibodies against Rickettsia in Humans and Potential Vector Ticks from Dhofar, Oman

Journal Title: Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal - Year 2000, Vol 2, Issue 1


Objective: To determine the extent of rickettsial infections prevalence of potential vector ticks in the rural population of Dhofar, Oman Methods: Human sera (n = 347) were obtained from six rural localities (school children, farmers, outpatients) in Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman. Sera were tested by mmunofluorescence for the presence of antibodies reacting with Rickettsia conorii antigen. Results: More than half the samples (59%) gave positive reactions (titres of at least 1:64). Ticks (n=707) were collected from cattle, camels and goats (n=102) and included Amblyomma variegatum, Hyalomma a. anatolicum, H. dromedarii, H. rufipes and Rhipicephalus spp., all of which can potentially transmit rickettsiae to humans. Conclusions: The results suggest that rickettsial infections are common among the rural population of Dhofar.

Authors and Affiliations

Idris M A| Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, Ruppel A| University of Heidelberg, Germany, Petney T| University of Heidelberg, Germany


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Idris M A, Ruppel A, Petney T (2000). Antibodies against Rickettsia in Humans and Potential Vector Ticks from Dhofar, Oman. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 2(1), 7-10.