Association between Burden of Care, and Resilience among Family Caregivers Living with Schizophrenic Patients

Journal Title: IOSR Journal of Nursing and health Science - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 2


Aim: The purpose of this research was to assess association between burden of care, family functioning and resilience among family caregivers living with schizophrenic patients. Methods: This study was a descriptive study was done for 110 family caregivers living with schizophrenic patients. Setting: the study was conduct at outpatient clinic affiliated to Abbassia hospital. The data collection include four tools: socio-demographic questionnaire, Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scale II (FACES- II), The Caregiver Burden Inventory, and Family Resilience Assessment Scale .Results: most of family caregivers were female. 44.5% of family caregivers had level of adaptability and cohesion, 53.6% of family care givers had low resilience level and 55.4% experience moderate to severe burden. Conclusion: Family caregivers experience moderate to severe burden have low family function and low level of resilience. The present study recommended that implementing of counseling intervention for promoting resilience among family caregivers of schizophrenia

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Sahar Mahmoud


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