Association of glycemic control and duration of diabetes with rheumatological manifestations

Journal Title: MedPulse -International Medical Journal - Year 2017, Vol 4, Issue 1


Background: Many rheumatological diseases occur more frequently in patients with diabetes than in the general population. All these diseases have a severe clinical course and unfavorable prognosis in the diabetic patients with longer duration of diabetes and poor glycaemic control. This study was aimed to investigate an association of glycemic control and duration of diabetes with rheumatological manifestations. Material and Methods: The present study included 210 diabetic patients and 200 non-diabetic healthy cases from medicine and orthopedic departments of a tertiary care hospital. The association between these complications and duration of diabetes and long-term glycemic control was determined. Results: Rheumatological complications such as LJM syndrome 99 (24.2%), DISH 93 (22.8%),frozen shoulder 68 (16.7%)were more prevalent in diabetics than non-diabetics. These were also commonly seen in diabetics with more than 5 years and poor glycemic control (HbA1C >10%). Discussion: The rheumatological manifestations were proportionately higher among patients with duration of diabetes and poor glycemic control.

Authors and Affiliations

Anil Rathi, Gajanan Gondhali, Sushil Bhattad


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