Benefits of Videos in YouTube for the Undergraduate Students in Engineering and Technology in India

Journal Title: Webology - Year 2019, Vol 16, Issue 2


The purpose of this paper is to find the reasons and preferences in the use of YouTube videos by the Indian undergraduate engineering and technology students. To find the use of YouTube videos as a supplementary source in support of learning, developing cultural understanding and obtaining behavioural benefits. A quantitative research design using a survey method was used questionnaire to collect the data. Data was analysed using frequency and percentage approach. The data sample consists of undergraduate engineering and technology students across the Indian subcontinent. The results of the data analysis reveal that the use of YouTube videos engage the students in their academics better. Over 95.0 percent of the respondents are aware and have a conviction about the supplementary role played by YouTube videos in their educational, cultural and moral life. 98.53 percent of respondents have ‘learnt to respect the good things in other cultures’. 57.25 percent male and 40.74 percent female respondents have better understood the cultural difference and appreciate them. This cultural understanding has helped ‘to identify good things in other cultures’ by 97.84 percent respondents. The study suggests that the student use of YouTube needs to be oriented towards scholarly content to improve student engagement in the learning and enrich their knowledge. The use of YouTube videos among undergraduate engineering and technology students in India is encouraging. There is a lack of focused studies on cultural and behavioural implications through the use of YouTube videos. This paper is the first of its kind in finding the use of YouTube videos as an information source for gaining educational, cultural and behavioural benefits among Indian engineering and technology students.

Authors and Affiliations

Rajendra Babu H, Rangaswamy Buddayya and Nagaraja L. Gujjarappa


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