Cardiotoxicity associated with chemotherapy: Need for treatment and prophylaxis role


Cardiotoxicity is a well-known potential side effect of several chemotherapeutic agent. Patients undergoing chemotherapy highly exposed to cardiac complications. Chemotherapeutic agents like anthracycliines, cyclophosphamide and signaling inhibitors like human monoclonal antibodies and tyrosine kinase inhibitors worsen cardiovascular system. A number of cardiovascular events occur during cardiotoxicity phase like cardiomyopathy, thromboembolic disorders, hypertension and coronary artery spasm. Several procedures employed for early detection of cardiotoxicity either based on estimation of cardiac biomarkers or by cardiac imaging. Early assessment of preexisting medical condition in cancer patient reduces risk of cardiotoxicity. Cardioprotection achieved by limiting chemotherapy dose, use of antioxidant and iron chelating agents. Cardiologist and oncologist work together for successful management of cardiotoxicity Work is currently progressing for early prediction and management of cardiotoxicity developed during chemotherapy.

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A. S. Kushwah, G. D Gupta, Sahil Kumar, Sarabjeet Singh


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