Characterization and Classification of Geotechnical Index Properties of Shallow Soil Deposits at Oworoshoki Area, Kosofe Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria


The study of geotechnical index properties of soils in Oworoshoki, Kosofe, Lagos State was conducted to characterize and classify the index properties of soil samples. Disturbed and undisturbed soils were collected at different shallow depths (1m, 2m and 3m) from the study area and laboratory test was conducted. The laboratory test conducted includes natural moisture content, atterberg limits (liquid limit and plastic limit), particle size distribution, specific gravity, unit weight and hydrometer. The results of the test were gotten: natural moisture content as 23.5%, 24.5% and 25.3% , liquid limits (LL) 28.68%, 26.64% and 29.10%, Oworoshoki is non-plastic for the three depths i.e. plastic limit (PL) is 0, particle size distribution percentage passing through BS #200 (0.075mm) are 95.97 %, 97.97%, 98.10% and this shows that the soil sample contain much silt, the samples are non-plastic for all depths (1m, 2m and 3m), specific gravity as 2.61, 2.55 and 2.60, unit weight as 17.5 KN/m3, 18.1kn/m3 and 18.9KN/m3 and hydrometer percentage passing through BS #200 (0.075mm) as 95.97% at 1.0m depth, 97.97% at 2.0m depth and 98.10% at 3.0m depth. Hydrometer test was conducted because 95.97% passes sieve 0.075mm.This shows that the soil contain high amount of silt. Soils from depth 1.0m, 2.0m and 3.0m are non-plastic (NP) because the Plastic Index (PI=0) and the soil samples are classified as A – 3 according to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) System.

Authors and Affiliations

I. T. Peni, A. M. Mustapha


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