Clinical Profile and Etiology of Adolescent Epilepsy: A Study at Tertiary Care Hospital

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 2


Background: Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder of adolescence. The clinical profile, etiology and clinical pattern, varies with age dependent fashion and adolescent epilepsy differs sharply from others. Aim: To observe the clinical profile and etiology of adolescent epilepsy in a tertiary care hospital. Material and Methods: A total of 30 adolescents between 10 to 18 years age group with epilepsy were evaluated for clinical signs and etiology of epilepsy. Then careful physical and neurological examinations of all children were performed. Then EEG tracing and MRI findings were recorded. Results: Generalized type of seizure was seen in 25 (83.33%) cases, amongst these cases of generalized seizure, commonest subtype was tonic-clonic in 22 (73.3%) cases followed by absence seizure 2 (6.6%). Neurocysticercosis 6 (20%) was the commonest etiology followed by fever triggered seizure 5 (16.6%) and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in 3 (10%) cases. Conclusion: In adolescent epilepsy, generalized tonic-clonic seizure alone and febrile seizure plus syndromes are more often diagnosed with neurocysticercosis and fever triggered seizure as the common etiology.

Authors and Affiliations

Sheenu Gupta, Veeranna Kotrashetti, Imran Patel


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