Clinical profile of children with down syndrome with special reference to thyroid hormone levels

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 8, Issue 2


Background: Down syndrome (DS) results from trisomy of chromosome 21. Down syndrome produces a typical phenotype that includes a characteristic mongoloid facies, mental retardation and hypotonia, and is often associated with developmental anomalies. Children with Down syndrome are at an increased risk of developing hypothyroidism.Objective: To study the clinical profile of children with Down syndrome with special reference to thyroid hormone levels.Methodology: This study was conducted from Mar 2016–Feb 2018 (2 years) on 35 children with Down syndrome attending the Pediatric Outpatient department (OPD), GEMS and Hospital, Ragolu, Srikakulam and were subjected to thyroid function tests (Free T4 and TSH) at the time of recruitment into the study. Age and sex matched children attending the OPD for well-baby checkup and immunization were taken as controls.Results: In the present study, majority (85.7%) of babies with Down syndrome were born to mothers aged less than 35 years. Present study had a 34.3% frequency of congenital heart disease, with VSD being most common type (33%).In the present study, 5 patients (14.3%) were found to have thyroid dysfunction.Conclusion: Diagnosis of Down syndrome is done by characteristic phenotype.14.3% of children had hypothyroidism in our study.

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Manchu Polayya


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