Comparative Analysis of Axlebox Accelerations in Correlation with Track Geometry Irregularities

Journal Title: Acta Technica Jaurinensis - Year 2019, Vol 12, Issue 2


Stochastic track irregularities influence additional dynamic forces developed in the vehicle-track interaction that lead to faster deterioration of track. For economical track maintenance it is important to understand the relationship between the irregularities recorded by conventional track geometry measuring car and the resulting dynamic vehicle responses. This paper focuses on the correlation between lateral and vertical axlebox accelerations and differently processed track geometry parameters based on a real measurement run on straight track. Decolouring of chord-offset measurement results was performed and derivatives of track geometry parameters were calculated for comparison. Those track geometry parameters have been selected which provide the most accurate information about the recorded wheelset accelerations caused by track geometry irregularities, e.g. second order derivative of cross level.

Authors and Affiliations

Csaba Ágh


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