Complex treatment of children with distal malocclusions and osteopathy problems

Journal Title: Moldovan Medical Journal - Year 2018, Vol 61, Issue 3


Background: The aim of the study included interdisciplinary efficiency in treatment children with class II Angle malocclusions in association with osteopathy problems. Material and methods: there were examined 30 patients of the 6- 12 years old with class II Angle malocclusion in association with osteopathy problems. The patients were divided into two groups, the main group consists of children, who have complex treatment, and in the control group they have just orthodontic treatment. Results: The results show that patients with complex treatment have potentially positive contributions in anthropometric changes as well as in facial appearance and postural problems. The orthodontic treatment of patients, from the control group, was 1.5 times longer than in the main group. So complex treatment of patients combined with postural problems is much shorter and have a positive influence on musculoskeletal disorders than in the control group. Conclusions: Efficient complex treatment of children with malocclusion and osteopathic problems influences the duration of orthodontic treatment of class II malocclusion conditioned by distal position of mandible.

Authors and Affiliations

Cristina Postaru, Victoria Malkina, Natalia Pankratova, Mihail Postnikov


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Cristina Postaru, Victoria Malkina, Natalia Pankratova, Mihail Postnikov (2018). Complex treatment of children with distal malocclusions and osteopathy problems. Moldovan Medical Journal, 61(3), 10-14.