Debates constitucionales entorno a la educación universitaria: Ecuador - Chile

Journal Title: Revista Jurídica Crítica y Derecho - Year 2020, Vol 1, Issue 1


Starting from a historical analysis of the constitutions of the Ecuadorian and Chilean Republics, regarding the political orientations and their normative scope in their infra-constitutional texts reveal the need to include free university education. Being a work oriented to the Constitutional analysis in which the common human rights regulations for these countries were revised. The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights instructs the part states, in a search for progressivity in the implementation of a free public education, the political, economic and social realities of each country have established the scope in relation to this progressive law. The results lead us to conclude that the analyzed constitutions present deep differences in their different historical moments, in the length of their text, their dogmatic and organic elements, and the reforms to which they have been subject, likewise, the main existing similarity is the consideration of international treaties, which places the two constitutions in a widely guaranteed framework.

Authors and Affiliations

Luis Adriano Chicaiza Caranqui


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