Detecting Major Allusions and their Significance in Eliot’s Poem The Waste Land


The primal objective of this article is to detect major allusions and their significance in Eliot’s poem The Waste Land. This poem is tremendously tough because of diverse interruptions in the narrative level, piled up contrasts, abundant use of allusions and a number of quotations which are from other languages rather than from English. The poet delineates spiritual crisis, pessimism, sexual perversion, infertility, cruelty and despondency in the Modern World through different allusions taken from multifarious unprecedented sources. The article writer extracts some words, verse lines and stanzas which are used as allusions in the poem, and tries to discern their significance in the poem. Their significance lies in their contribution to the depiction of major messages or themes of the poem. This article concludes with the assertion that the allusions employed in this poem are apt and felicitous. The teachers and the students who are interested in teaching and studying this poem will be benefitted from reading this article.

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Lok Raj Sharma


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