Journal Title: Revista MVZ Cordoba - Year 2002, Vol 7, Issue 1


In order to knowing an index of selection for the weight upon being born and to the weaning in the Costa Rica farm, at Montería (Colombia), 895 data were analyzed of which were obtained the covariances and variances genetics and phenotypic, for the construction of a determinant, and through algebraic calculations the following equation was obtained: I = x1 + 0.4215 x2, with which the animals were selected that showed a bigger index.

Authors and Affiliations

Oscar Vergara G*| Universidad de Sucre, Facultad de Zootecnia, Sincelejo, Sucre, Carlos Iriarte M. | Correspondencia: [email protected] - A.A. 406, Sincelejo, Colombia


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Oscar Vergara G*, Carlos Iriarte M. (2002). DETERMINACIÓN DE UN ÍNDICE DE SELECCIÓN PARA EL PESO AL NACER Y AL DESTETE EN GANADO CEBÚ. Revista MVZ Cordoba, 7(1), 148-151.