Distances between endpoints of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Journal Title: Geodetski glasnik - Year 2017, Vol 51, Issue 48


The subject of this paper is to calculate the distances between the endpoints of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the research is to verify the accuracy of data that is in official use. Determining the astronomical-geographic position of Bosnia and Herzegovina, calculating the length of the meridians and parallels arcs approximating the Earth with an ellipsoid and also with sphere, a comparison of the obtained values, are the tasks of the research. The basic hypothesis is that official data about the distances between the endpoints of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not accurate and should be corrected. In this paper mathematical-cartographic and analytical-synthetic methods have been applyed. The results obtained should be used in cartographic, geographical, geodetic and other related scientific disciplines.

Authors and Affiliations

Edin Hadžimustafić


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