Effect of different rates of boron on the yield, quality and micronutrients content of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Journal Title: International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 11


The present study was based on the general hypothesis that boron may affect the accumulation and utilization of other micronutrients in plants. A field experiment was conducted to find the effect of boron on yield, quality and micronutrients content of flue cured virginia tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) at Tobacco Research Station Khan Garhi, Mardan-Pakistan, during 2010-11. Two varieties TM-2008 and Speight G-28 were tested and six levels of boron (0, 0.5, 1, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 kg ha-1) in the form of boric acid, in RCB design in split plot arrangement and replicated thrice. A basal dose of 70 kg ha- 1 each N, P2O5 and K2O were applied. Recommended levels of micronutrients (Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn) were applied in sulphate form. Results indicated that the yield of tobacco crop significantly increased at 1 kg B ha-1 and then decreased linearly in both varieties. In variety Speight G-28 a maximum leaf area, green leaf weight, cured leaf weight and grade index were recorded as 800.9 cm2, 15691 kg ha-1, 2488 kg ha-1 and 85%, respectively, while in TM-2008 the yield attributes were 786.02 cm2, 15028 kg ha-1, 2383 kg ha-1and 83%, respectively. Maximum sugar and nicotine contents were recorded in Speight G-28 was 17.27 and 1.22 %, respectively, while in case of TM-2008 these were 14.69 and 1.20 %, respectively, at 1 kg B ha-1 application. The sugar/nicotine ratio increased at lower concentrations of leaf boron but at higher concentrations it tends to decrease in both varieties. Similarly, with the application of boron the chloride content was decreased while that of potassium was increased. Boron application increased the concentrations of boron and zinc, decreased copper and manganese while no effect on iron. Overall results revealed that the application of boron should be encouraged to get a higher yield, good quality tobacco and balancing nutrient concentrations. The rate of 1 kg B ha-1 was found better and can be recommended for tobacco crop under the prevailing conditions.

Authors and Affiliations

Fayaz Ali, Muhammad Tariq, Amjad Ali, Syed Noor Muhammad Shah, Ansaar Ahmed and Arifullah


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