Effect of Ginkgo Biloba and Commiphora Opobalsamum Extracts on Liver Fibrosis and Kidney Injury Induced By Carbon Tetra Chloride in Experimental Models

Journal Title: World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Year 2016, Vol 4, Issue 2


Ginkgo biloba and Commiphora opobalsamum are herbal medicines ,which have important effects on health. The present study was designed to explore the ameliorative effect of Ginkgo biloba and Commiphora opobalsamum on liver and kidney damages induced by CCl4 in experimental models. A total of 30 adult female albino rats were divided into five groups .Gp (1): Healthy, Gp (2): Positive control injected i.p by CCl4, once. Gps from 3 to 5 were injected i.p. by CCl4, once. Then administered oraly by aquaes extract of either G. biloba or C. opobalsamum or a mixture of G. biloba and C. opobalsamum, respectively. The present results revealed significant elevation in liver enzymes activity and kidney functions in CCl4 treated group as compared with control group. Treatment of rats with G. biloba decreased these levels significantly as compared to positive control and C. opobalsamum treated group. Albumin, total protein, increased significantly by G. biloba treatment as compared to positive control. Based on our results, it's clear that CCl4 induce liver and kidney toxicity. Also, it could be concluded that G.bilobaand C. opobalsamum extract showed significant ameliorative effect on liver fibrosis and kidney injury induced by CCl4 in experimental models.

Authors and Affiliations

Amal Hamza


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