Effect of service quality on student-inspector satisfaction at the training center for educational inspectors in Rabat, Morocco


In theory, we all know that if students are satisfied, then training centers do provide a better quality of service. But what about in practice? The purpose of this research is twofold. On the one hand, we aim to assess the quality of training inspectors in Morocco, through perceived quality and student satisfaction. First, we investigate which quality attributes need to be further targeted in the training device (TD) at CFIE. Second, we test for potential causal relationships between perceived service quality and student satisfaction. Our starting assumption is that there is a causal link between "service quality" and "satisfaction." To this end, the SERVPERF tool was adapted and administered to a sample of student inspectors who received training services at the CFIE in Rabat. We support the literature's argument that performance (SERVPERF) is the best predictor of service quality. The results shows that the perceived quality of services provided by CFIE is relatively acceptable. Nevertheless, it shows a strong need for improvement, especially in the dimensions of Tangibility and Empathy. All five dimensions of SERVPERF significantly impact student-inspector satisfaction at CFIE. The SERVPERF scale is a valuable aid in the institutional assessment of the TD, and in the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement within the CFIE. However, when used alone, it can lead to the omission of other factors that explain satisfaction. It would therefore be appropriate to couple it with other instruments such as SERVQUAL, HEDPERF, PAKSERV or HiEdQUAL in order to verify which ones are adapted to the context of education inspection in Morocco.

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