Effects of Climate Change on the Biology and Distribution of Insects

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Science Research and Review - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 03


This review summarizes the main effects of climate change on insects described by numerous authors. Among the possible effects, the hight associated temperatures stand out, which influence the dynamics of their populations through effects on survival, life span, fecundity and dispersion. Most insects have short cycles, high reproductive capacity and mobility, so their physiological responses at increasing temperatures can produce rapid and large-scale population changes. The response of each species depends on its geographical distribution, trophic level and natural history. Populations in medium to high latitudes benefit more from higher temperatures through faster development and increased survival. Less is known about the effects on tropical species. A small increase in temperature will extend the northern and southern limits of the tropics and temperate regions, and with it the geographical distribution limits of many insects, particularly those vectors of diseases. Mortality can drop with warmer winters, and lead to migration towards the poles. The physiological effects on insects can be indirect, through trophic interactions (i.e. host plants and natural enemies). Insects stand out in documented cases of distribution expansion due to climate change.

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Jaime E. Araya


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