Enhanced White Cane for Visually Impaired People

Journal Title: Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics - Year 2018, Vol 13, Issue 26


ccording to WHO (World Health Organization) statistics, around 285 billion people in the world have visual impairment. They find difficulty in doing their everyday tasks and detecting objects in front of them that can be harmful to them. As a solution to this problem, we introduce a White Cane (Smart Stick) system for assisting visually impaired people. The White Cane comes as a proposed solution to help visually impaired people to detect obstacles and investigate dangers in the world around while walking. The system is designed to act like an artificial vision and alarm unit. It consists of ultrasonic, light, and water sensors, in addition to the microcontroller (Arduino Uno), to receive the sensors signals and process them to short pulses to the Arduino pins where buzzer, vibrator, and blue LED are connected. Moreover, GPS-GSM module is utilized to send SMS location messages to a helper phone when a person gets lost and doesn’t know where to go. We seek in our project to provide a helpful service with affordable price

Authors and Affiliations

Maymounah ALSHAJAJEER, Maryam T. ALMOUSA, 3Qasem Abu AL-HAIJA


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