Mining Social Media and DBpedia Data Using Gephi and R

Journal Title: Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics - Year 2018, Vol 12, Issue 25


The big data is playing a big role in the field of machine learning and data mining. To extract meaningful and interesting information from big data mining is a challenge. The size of the data at social media and Wikipedia are increasing exponentially. To visualize such huge data is another aspect of big data. The roles of graphs are becoming important in case of visualization and modelling of such data. Gephi and R are two important visualization and exploration tools in this field. Using graph, one may find and calculate modularity, eccentricity, Indegree, Outdegree, betweenness centrality etc. In this paper, we had used Dbpedia, facebook and twitter datasets. We had used Gephi and R to look inside the structure of such data and comparing different statistics based on the graph by exploring the graphs.

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Sadiq HUSSAIN, L. J. MUHAMMAD, Atomsa YAKUBU (2018). Mining Social Media and DBpedia Data Using Gephi and R. Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, 12(25), 14-20.