Evaluation and Design of Most Efficient Irrigation System Forwater Scare Region


This paper presents a case study fordesign of most efficient landscape irrigation system for a public park located in Aziziya, Holy Makkah. The Aziziya Park (Khataten Garden) is spread in an area of 4.43 hectares and located in between the main roads of heavy traffic. The Aziziya Park provides the families, children, old age people and fitness enthusiastic an atmosphere to relax, walk and enjoy. The Aziziya Park (Khataten Garden) which is always full house plays very important role in recreational activities for residents and visitors of Holy Makkah. The widespread amount of greenery spread in park requires huge amount of water daily to keep it green and pleasant to eyes. The park has some patches where plant/grass has died due to supply of water less than required. Holy Makkah receives around 10 million pilgrims annually which put enormous pressure on water authority. Thus study is made to evaluate the most efficient technique to irrigate the water. The study shows that rain water and TSE water effectively can be used for irrigation without any water required from water authority.

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Khan Mujiburrehman


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