The Impact of Achieving the Objectives of the Overall Safety Policy on Economic Development in Palestine


The primary objective of macro prudential policy is to contain systemic risks or large-scale financial instability . Therefore, the systemic risk can definition will be as “the risk that financial instability will spread on a large scale and lead to impeding the functioning of the financial system to an extent that affects growth and welfare.” Achieving overall safety in the financial sector of any country may conflict in one way or another with the goals of economic development, or as a least, it might contradict some of those goals in that country. Macro prudential efforts to mitigate systemic risks include a series of policy interventions in the financial and credit markets, as well as a variety of countercyclical stabilization techniques designed to influence price formation, credit flows, and direct investment from the domestic economy to other regions outside this economy. Adequately tested so far.

Authors and Affiliations

Firas Barakat, Dr. Oroubah A. R. Mahmoud,


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