Evaluation of Relationship between Intellectual capital and Structure of Organizational Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) (Case study: Staff of Maskan Bank, Kerman Province)

Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2013, Vol 6, Issue 1


Human, structural and communicative capitals (elements of intellectual capital) are regarded as key elements of success in organizations. In the recent decade, organizational corporate entrepreneurship has been turned to a remarkable subject for researchers. In the present study, factor of intellectual capital has been evaluated among influential factors on structure of organizational corporate entrepreneurship. In order to achieve research goal, Bountis opinions regarding intellectual capital has been applied. This research is applicable in terms of objectives and in terms of method, it is descriptive-correlational. Population consists of Maskan Bank staff of Kerman province which includes 230 persons and sample volume was randomly chosen based on Cochran formula (144 persons of Maskan Bank staff of Kerman). In order to collect data related to intellectual capital (human, structural and communicative capital), standard Bountis questionnaire was used and Cornwall Willman was used for evaluation of corporate entrepreneurial structure and measuring corporate entrepreneurship rate of organizational structure and their finals have been gained respectively 0/85 and 0/89 by Cronbach Alfa. To analyze data from Pearson correlation analysis, mean test was applied. Results of Pearson correlation test suggest there is a positive and significant relationship between intellectual capital and organizational corporate entrepreneurship. Considering findings of this research, it is possibly mentioned in case management of intellectual capital is focused in an organization, tendency to organizational corporate entrepreneurship will improved in that organization.

Authors and Affiliations

Mahmoud Montazeri| MA Student of Entreneurship, ShahidBahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran, email: [email protected], Ali MollaHosseini| Associate of Management Department, Shahid Bahonar University of, Mohammad Ali Forghani| Associate of Management Department, ShahidBahonar University of Kerman,


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