Fibrous-hyperplastic changes of oral cavity mucosa. Own observations

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2011, Vol 17, Issue 3


Fibrous-hyperplastic changes of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, caused by using removable dentures, are often met in dental practice. In literature, they are well-known under the terrms: granulomas fissurati, and epulides fissurati.Objective: The objective of the study was an assessment of the medical records of 43 patients treated due to the excesses of oral cavity mucosa caused by the use of removable dental prostheses.Material and the methods: Analysis was performed based on the review of medical records from the Maxillofacial De- partment of the Regional Specialist Hospital in Rzeszów. In the study, attention was paid to age, gender of the patients examined, site of changes, type and method of the treatment applied, as well as the occurrence of possible complications after the treatment.Conclusion: In the analyzed material, fibrous- hyperplastic lesions were most often observed in females and involved patients aged from 50-59 years. Changes characteristic of granulomas fissurati were most often located in the front maxilla or mandibula. The obsevations confirmed that surgery is the treatment of choice.

Authors and Affiliations

Bogumił Lewandowski, Katarzyna Zdonek, Małgorzata Paluszkiewicz


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Bogumił Lewandowski, Katarzyna Zdonek, Małgorzata Paluszkiewicz (2011). Fibrous-hyperplastic changes of oral cavity mucosa. Own observations. Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu, 17(3), 123-126.