Four hands surgery in endoscopic sinus surgery – our experience

Journal Title: Otolaryngologia Polska - Year 2008, Vol 62, Issue 1


Endoscopic surgery in chronic sinusitis became a gold standard since Stammberger and Kennedy describe there technique in ’80 s. During last 20 years an enormous progress has been done in that field. Tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses became a target for endonasal surgery, alternatively to open approaches. This surgery is more bloody, needs more tools, so the next step was to introduce the second surgeon into endoscopic sinus surgery and the four hands technique has born. Three models of four hands technique are present in the literature. Since November 2006 at the ENT department at Medical University in Poznań 24 patients have been operated on with this technique out of wich 12 suffered from tumors and 12 patients have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. This paper describe the surgical technique and our experience based on this 24 operations.

Authors and Affiliations

Witold Szyfter, Łukasz Borucki, Maciej Wróbel


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