Functional fitness of rural population aged over 70 and demand for care

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2013, Vol 19, Issue 4


Progressing age and the accompanying diseases have a detrimental impact on the condition of the elderly. Deterioration of one’s fitness causes physical discomfort and impairs mental well-being. It also constitutes a barrier which hinders one’s ability to perform activities of daily living, makes the person dependent on the help of others, contributes to social isolation, and consequently leads to deterioration in the quality of life. The aim of the article was to define the level of functional fitness and need for care among seniors aged above 70 living in rural areas.The survey was carried out in 2012 in a group of 100 people aged over 70 living in villages in the Lublin Region. In the study, both a questionnaire designed by the author and the Barthel scale were applied. The obtained material was subjected to statistical analysis.The great majority of respondents were on a high functional level of fitness (71.0%). Statistical analysis revealed the relationship between functional fitness and age (p=.00528), as well as the respondents’ marital status (p=.03287). Every second respondent declared the wish to receive help: nursing care (38.0%) or nursing care together with financial support (12.0%). Such declarations were dependent on gender (p=.00685) and age (p=.00020).Based on the presented studies, it was ascertained that the functional fitness of older rural inhabitants decreases together with age and change in marital status (widowhood), which is accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the demand for care and nursing.Key wordsfunctional fitness, seniors, care

Authors and Affiliations

Renata Bogusz, Marianna Charzyńska-Gula, Marzena Szkuat, Katarzyna Kocka, Zdzisława Szadowska-Szlachetka


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Renata Bogusz, Marianna Charzyńska-Gula, Marzena Szkuat, Katarzyna Kocka, Zdzisława Szadowska-Szlachetka (2013). Functional fitness of rural population aged over 70 and demand for care. Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu, 19(4), 517-522.