Overweight and obesity in the population of 60-year-old and older inhabitants of Biała Podlaska

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2015, Vol 21, Issue 2


Introduction. Regular physical activity delays ageing processes, facilitates good well-being and diminishes the risk of many diseases, including overweight and obesity. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of occurrence of excessive body weight in the population of 60-year-old and older inhabitants of Biała Podlaska, with consideration of their physical activity. Material and methods. The experimental material were results of examinations of 180 females and 167 males aged 60 and over. The level of their physical development was characterized based on the assessment of body height and weight, waist circumference (WC), hip circumference, BMI and WHR value. The respondents’ physical activity was determined based on data collected from the study participants (physically active and physically inactive persons). The results were subjected to statistical analysis. Results. In the total population examined, overweight or obesity was observed in 78.33% of females and 82.03% of males. The normal body weight was noted in 21.67% of all females and 17.97% of all males. Body weight deficiency was observed in only one woman. When analyzed based on WHR values, abdominal obesity was noted in 88.34% of females (WHR>0.8) and 70.86% of males (WHR>0.9). Based on waist circumference, abdominal obesity was observed in 72.23% of the women (WC>88 cm) and 41.35% of males (WC>102 cm). Conclusion. Inhabitants of Biała Podlaska were characterized by a similar frequency of the occurrence of excessive body weight, compared to their contemporaries from Poland and other countries. Physical activity of seniors had no significant impact on the differences in their weight-to-height ratio. In contrast, significant differences were noted between somatic traits of respondents classified into groups with various levels of physical activity. In addition, the frequency of occurrence of abdominal obesity in women was related with the level of their physical activity. Such a relationship was not observed in the case of males.

Authors and Affiliations

Agnieszka Wasiluk, Jerzy Saczuk, Paulina Szyszka, Zbigniew Chazan


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