Geodetic works in the construction of the pillar of ''Briješće'' viaduct

Journal Title: Geodetski glasnik - Year 2018, Vol 52, Issue 49


Surveying is an undisputed link in the chain of professions that participate in the realization of projects for the construction of various buildings and structures. Different stages of construction require the engagement of geodesists in a different range. The process of construction of the pillar of the viaduct "Briješće" required the collaboration of a large number of experts of various profiles, among which is a geodetic expert. The paper contains a detailed description of geodetic works in the construction of the viaduct pillar, starting from the establishment of the control network to the final control of the pillar construction.

Authors and Affiliations

Nedim Pešto, Muamer Đidelija


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Nedim Pešto, Muamer Đidelija (2018). Geodetic works in the construction of the pillar of ''Briješće'' viaduct. Geodetski glasnik, 52(49), 77-91.