Halal Meat Supply Chain Traceability based on HACCP, Blockchain and Internet of Things

Journal Title: Acta Technica Jaurinensis - Year 2018, Vol 11, Issue 4


Recently, Halal food has drawn remarkable attention of many consumers around the world. Besides to being unsafe, Halal food such as meat can encounter several issues throughout its supply chain and logistics. At any time, Halal integrity is not guaranteed and risks of becoming non-Halal is the major concern of all parties along the supply chain. To respond to Muslim consumers’ trust concerns in Halal food, many traceability systems were proposed in previous studies based on emerging technologies and  recommended to be incorporated into Halal food supply chains. Nevertheless, all of these systems are centralized, opaque and not enough transparent. To mitigate these problems, blockchain technology is introduced as a ground-breaking innovation with greater decentralization, visibility and transparency. This paper makes a major contribution in suggesting Halal meat supply chain traceability system for real-time food tracing based on embedding Islamic dietary law into HACCP, blockchain and Internet of Things.

Authors and Affiliations

Abderahman Rejeb


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