Heuristic Auditing Strategy Using Big Data


Cloud storage services have turn into commercially famous now a day. To give unique and updated access of user file on cloud, a cloud service provider (CSP) keeps up multiple replicas for each every bit of information or data on geographically conveyed servers. The primary issue of using the replication technique as a part of clouds is very costly to maintain consistency among large data on clouds. In this paper, we first present a consistency as a service (CaaS) model, which have large data access as well conduct multiple small audits in clouds .Auditing use to ensure the consistency of the data played in cloud globally. Here I we study many existing papers and develop auditing model which uses heuristic auditing strategy that have two level of auditing among cloud data. These auditing uses a loosely synchronized clock and we develop algorithms to evaluate the severity of violation with two metrics such us commonality of violation and mustiness of the reading the data content and heuristic auditing strategy (HAS) to disclose as many violations as possible.

Authors and Affiliations

Thirunavukkarasu. K, Appandairaj. A


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