Identification and Prioritization of Line Managers’ Practical Challenges in HRM Black Box

Journal Title: Journal of Human Resource Studies - Year 2021, Vol 11, Issue 3


Background & Purpose: The role of line managers is vital and undeniable in realization of the linkage between HRM practices and performance. The specifications of that role have not received sufficient scrutinization in previous local studies. In this study, for the first time, by applying a new theoretical model and a new method, in National Oil and Natural Gas Company, we tried to deeply investigate the role of line managers in HRM black box, identify their challenges in fulfilling their practical roles, and prioritize the importance of each challenge Methodology: Regarding the method, current study composed of two separated phases. First, by applying a meta-synthesis approach, known as ''mixed research synthesis'', and by methodological scrutinization of 243 credible articles, we came up with a thorough description of line managers’ status in HRM black box and investigated their functional/practical challenges. Second, by using AHP method, the identified challenges in the first step were prioritized. Findings: The phase of identification line managers’ practical challenges, led to explanation of many factors which then were categorized into five general challenges. In the factor prioritization phase, "CEO & HR managers support" was determined as the most important challenges, followed by "Knowledge, skill & ability", "commitment to people management". Finally, both factors of "role ambiguity & inconsistent priorities" and "load of work" together were rated as the less important challenges. Conclusion: When line managers fail in their effective roles in relation to HRM-related duties, the probability of failure in all HRP efforts and subsequently wasting organizational resources will be high. Accordingly, it is essential for CEOs and decision makers to consider line managers’ functional challenges and particularly focus on solutions to overcome them. At the end, in addition to discussion of the findings, future research directions are provided.

Authors and Affiliations

Habib Roodsaz; MirAli Seyed-naghavi; Davood HosseinPour; Ali Mahjoub


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