Identification of Core Architecture Classes for Object-Oriented Software Systems

Journal Title: Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics - Year 2016, Vol 10, Issue 22


The new member of the software development team needs to understand the software prior making modifications to the unknown system. The core classes that constitute the system architecture can reveal important structural properties of the system. Hence they can be used to catch an initial glimpse of the system during preliminary phase of program comprehension. An efficient approach to pinpoint core architecture classes of object-oriented software has been suggested. A variant of dynamic coupling metric has also been introduced. A comparative evaluation of our approach with the similar experiments performed on the same guinea pig systems is presented. The results demonstrate that precision and recall of our approach matches the best performing approach in other similar experiments.

Authors and Affiliations

KAMRAN Muhammad, ALI Mubashir, AKBAR Bilal


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KAMRAN Muhammad, ALI Mubashir, AKBAR Bilal (2016). Identification of Core Architecture Classes for Object-Oriented Software Systems. Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, 10(22), 21-25.