Impact of advertising on health choices of adult Poles

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 1


Introduction. Advertising is the most noticeable manifestation of marketing activity and has always been giving rise to both positive and negative emotions within society. An important aspect of modern advertising is its impact on people›s everyday health choices.Objective. A pilot study was conducted in order to examine the impact of various forms of advertising on the daily health behaviour of adult Poles.Materials and methods. The study was conducted by the method of a diagnostic survey with the use of a questionnaire technique. The research material was a group of 50 randomly selected adult Poles aged 30–60. Respondents from the city of Nysa were asked questions about the effect of advertising on their decisions about healthy nutrition, physical activity, as well as purchase of medicines, dietary supplements and hygiene, and body care products.Results. Empirical evidence collected in the course of the study allowed the formulation of interesting conclusions. The study showed that 42% respondents often buy various products guided by suggestions provided by advertising, and the most convincing for them are all kinds of visual presentations on television advertisements. However, a large percentage of respondents (60%) declared the lack of confidence in the products advertised as ‹health promoting›. In addition, 52% of respondents (52%) answered that when it came o health problems they did not take suggestions found in advertising, but instead used the advice of a doctor. On the other hand, when asked whether they bought drugs advertised on television, the majority provided a positive answer (70%). Only 16% of espondents admitted that very few advertising campaigns, promoting sports and recreation could encourage them to pursue physical activity, while the rest of them showed indifference in this matter.Conclusions. The study showed a relatively big effect of advertising on many respondents› decisions, and this fact should be considered in promoting daily health promoting habits.Key words: advertising, health behaviour, public health

Authors and Affiliations

Anna Kubiak, Maria Kuleczka – Raszewska


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